How to secure your WordPress in these easy steps

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Noob’s guide to a perfect WordPress website


Most of the bloggers and web developers choose WordPress in their initial stages of their career. Some of them go for training and some start self learning.
In this post we will help such newbies who are starting their WordPress journey.

Perfect platform: WordPress offers 2 types of platform to do blogging or create a website on. One is, which hosts website or blogs on its subdomain like this
It generally has basic options to start and continue with. For more customizations you have to pay to upgrade.
Another one is, which provides a package free of cost, which you have to install on server.
It is called self hosted WordPress. You have to install, configure and customize the site from basic.

Themes: Themes are primary thing in WordPress. A perfect theme will compliment your website whereas poor selection of theme will degrade site after a short run. There are variety of themes available on marketplace which are specially developed for different type of websites. For every niche and website type, there are certain paid and free themes which one can use. One of the reliable source is WordPress theme directory for free themes and themeforest for paid themes.

Plugins: Plugins are second most important thing on WordPress. There are thousands of plugins in WordPress plugin directory but only few are suitable for a beginner. For every type of customization, there are several plugins offering similar functionality.

Basic plugins include caching plugin, two factor authentication plugin, SEO plugin and a website builder plugin. These are minimum requirement plugins, some are one time plugins and some are for daily use.
Additionally do add WordPress plugins for social media because they will help in integrating social media with your website, which then in return will give great profits.

This is a short guide to create a perfect WordPress website. We will be back with another post continuing this series.

How to create a good user experience for my WordPress website


User Experience is one of the keys to have good traffic and conversions on a website. The website which is well constructed and do not make their customers tired or bored can rocket boost its conversion.

There are some ways which can help you increase user experience on your WordPress website.

Some of the ways are:

Site Speed: Site speed is one of the top priority for improving user experience. There are several website speed optimization tips which can enable users to optimize their site speed.
Increase in website speed has two benefits.
First it will decrease bounce rates by loading up fast. Second, it will help users to easily navigate from one page to another, which increases chances of conversion.
To check your website’s speed, you can visit Google Page Speed Checker and try to implement suggestions which are feasible for them.

Social Login: Social login is a great way to increase user experience for visitors. Traditionally users use signup and sign form to register and login to a website. So whenever they have to login, they have to enter a set of credential .
Creating separate credentials for separate website can create confusion and increase password reset counts for a website.
By using social login, users just need to remember credentials of their favourite social network and use them to sign-up and sign-in.

Category content: If you have a huge website, then you can sort pages or products in categories and keep them on top. It gives clear idea to visitor about its search query. Decreasing options on homepage will help visitors serve better as well as keep them calm.
A frustrated visitor can cause loss of conversions and even can hit directly on reputation by leaving negative reviews on internet.
We can categorize content and use display categories on menu. To create advanced menus you can use different menu plugins to optimize the user experience.
These were some tips to create a good user experience for your WordPress website.

Social sharing buttons:necessity or need for a wordpress website

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Actionable tips for increasing traffic for your website

Writing a blog is very easy but to build a successful or viral blog is quite hard. A common question of “how to attract quality traffic” is discusses a lot. Reason can be any, a low quality content or lack of knowledge about promoting article.
In order to attract traffic, first thing to do is know your competition, what they are doing to gain more visitors to their site. After taking note of it, you can optimize your content and analyze what wrong you have done and are doing.

Below are some of the tips which are tested and are actionable to increase traffic to your wordpress website.

Know your audience
Before implementing something, it is always better to know your audience. For whom you are writing it for. Then it will become easy for you to serve them what they want.
Imagine if you have a blog which writes about vegan food. And your readers are mostly bacon and pork lovers, then your posts are irrelevant to them. If you start writing about non-veg stuff too, then it may increase interactions and traffic for your website.

In Order to know your visitor’s interests you can participate in relevant communities and groups and join in the conversations.
Promote your content over relevant topics, share ideas.
With search engines and social media it gets very easy to find such places which share common interests.

WordPress Social Sharing Buttons
People share those things which they personally find worth sharing. Wordpress social share buttons allows visitors to share your content across various social networks with just one click.
Position them right, right where they can see and access them without much efforts.

Do opt for these suggestions and watch your traffic grow. If you have any queries related, then you can comment below in comment box.
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