Actionable tips for increasing traffic for your website

Writing a blog is very easy but to build a successful or viral blog is quite hard. A common question of “how to attract quality traffic” is discusses a lot. Reason can be any, a low quality content or lack of knowledge about promoting article.
In order to attract traffic, first thing to do is know your competition, what they are doing to gain more visitors to their site. After taking note of it, you can optimize your content and analyze what wrong you have done and are doing.

Below are some of the tips which are tested and are actionable to increase traffic to your wordpress website.

Know your audience
Before implementing something, it is always better to know your audience. For whom you are writing it for. Then it will become easy for you to serve them what they want.
Imagine if you have a blog which writes about vegan food. And your readers are mostly bacon and pork lovers, then your posts are irrelevant to them. If you start writing about non-veg stuff too, then it may increase interactions and traffic for your website.

In Order to know your visitor’s interests you can participate in relevant communities and groups and join in the conversations.
Promote your content over relevant topics, share ideas.
With search engines and social media it gets very easy to find such places which share common interests.

WordPress Social Sharing Buttons
People share those things which they personally find worth sharing. Wordpress social share buttons allows visitors to share your content across various social networks with just one click.
Position them right, right where they can see and access them without much efforts.

Do opt for these suggestions and watch your traffic grow. If you have any queries related, then you can comment below in comment box.

Rebuilding website: what you need to include


Rebuilding a website is a tough job. Marketers believe that rebuilding a website can do wonders in terms of marketing. Traffic, lead and conversions may increase after redesign, that's the reason many consider redesigning a website.

Sometimes the requirement of new features rises and changes in existing sites are not possible, redesigning is the last resort for including those functionalities.

Irrespective of reason, website redesign is a process which needs to be concentrated a lot. Even small mistakes can jeopardize the plans/intentions behind redesigning.

Let's look at some of the website elements you should consider including while redesigning.

Subscription tab: Subscription column or tab is very crucial for getting leads in form of emails. Subscription is a convenient way of informing subscribers about new features, blog posts, product updates etc.
Even though you do not have a blog, you can include subscription option so that interested visitors can stay informed about what’s new.

Social media share buttons: These buttons are very much helpful in sharing a content on social media. For bloggers and portfolio websites, it is must to include. They can be one of the reason your website can be driving traffic from social media.
Content which is shared on social media brings back authority and traffic. More the content is shared, more the authority and traffic will return back.

Blog: This happen in case of business websites which do not consider blog as an essential part of traffic and conversion strategy. Today a blog is a crucial part of content marketing strategy.
Content marketing is one of the best ways to bring quality traffic and increases conversions on a website.
So do include a blog section in your website and start posting some posts related to your industry, tips, technical information.

These were some of the things which have to be included while redesigning a website.
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