How to create a good user experience for my WordPress website


User Experience is one of the keys to have good traffic and conversions on a website. The website which is well constructed and do not make their customers tired or bored can rocket boost its conversion.

There are some ways which can help you increase user experience on your WordPress website.

Some of the ways are:

Site Speed: Site speed is one of the top priority for improving user experience. There are several website speed optimization tips which can enable users to optimize their site speed.
Increase in website speed has two benefits.
First it will decrease bounce rates by loading up fast. Second, it will help users to easily navigate from one page to another, which increases chances of conversion.
To check your website’s speed, you can visit Google Page Speed Checker and try to implement suggestions which are feasible for them.

Social Login: Social login is a great way to increase user experience for visitors. Traditionally users use signup and sign form to register and login to a website. So whenever they have to login, they have to enter a set of credential .
Creating separate credentials for separate website can create confusion and increase password reset counts for a website.
By using social login, users just need to remember credentials of their favourite social network and use them to sign-up and sign-in.

Category content: If you have a huge website, then you can sort pages or products in categories and keep them on top. It gives clear idea to visitor about its search query. Decreasing options on homepage will help visitors serve better as well as keep them calm.
A frustrated visitor can cause loss of conversions and even can hit directly on reputation by leaving negative reviews on internet.
We can categorize content and use display categories on menu. To create advanced menus you can use different menu plugins to optimize the user experience.
These were some tips to create a good user experience for your WordPress website.

Making best use of Traffic on your website

Traffic is the lifeline of a website. There are websites existing which have quality content but are not able to attract good traffic and on the other hand there are websites with good traffic but are not able to utilize it in proper way.

There are two kinds of traffic. One is Traffic other is Ideal traffic.

Traffic is what you receive on your website.
It is mix of Direct traffic, referral traffic, organic traffic and social traffic.

Ideal traffic is also a mix of above mentioned traffic types but has close proximity to your website.
This type of traffic is most profitable, even it is very less.

In this post we will discuss how to get most out of your traffic. All the tips mentioned are based on
Ideal traffic which you are receiving. Tese tips will help increasing efficiency of ideal traffic.

Online Ads: Online advertisements are one of the best ways you can use your ideal traffic to earn money.
For example you have website related to health niche, you can display online ads and banners of health related products and websites. If the traffic is relevant , then the output will be fruitful.

There are many companies providing ads for websites like Google, infolinks, vigilinks, propeller ads etc.

Monetizing your website is a good idea but do not use it unethical to earn. It may lead to permanent ban from ad provider.

Social sharing: Social sharing helps in increasing social traffic to your website.
Social share buttons allows users to share a content from the website to their social media profiles.
More the number of shares, more be the social traffic and social signals.

Become an influencer: Influencer is someone who has expertise in an area and has bulk of followers.
By being an influencer you can get recognition as well as new opportunities.

I hope you find these tips fruitful for utilizing your website traffic.

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